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  1. How to Completely Uninstall Office for Mac OS X
  2. Uninstall Office 2016 For Mac The Easy Way
  3. How to Uninstall Office 2016 in Mac
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How to Completely Uninstall Office for Mac OS X

At this step, most users think that Office has been deleted completely. But we have bad news for you.

Almost all of these folders are hidden by default. Now you can say that you have uninstalled MS Office correctly.

Uninstall Office 2016 For Mac The Easy Way

But, we recommend that you learn the second method of app uninstalling, as we promise that this time you can do it with just a few clicks. It automatically finds all the service files of any app and allows you to uninstall applications completely. For this, just switch to the Remains section and you will find all the leftovers of apps that were removed previously. Get MS Office Uninstaller. Content How to uninstall Office on a Mac manually.

To remove the preferences, open the Library in your Home folder. If you remove them and later reinstall Office , you will need to redo your customizations.

How to Uninstall Office 2016 in Mac

When you install Office and you input your license info, it creates a file. This will be necessary before you can purge everything in the Trash.

How to Activate MS Office 2016 in Mac OS X Easily

If you want to save these then you can simply relocate them to a safe location. At this point, you can empty the Trash, unless you want to delete your Microsoft User Data folder in the next step. Deleting your Microsoft User Data folder is optional. If you remove this folder and you will lose all your Outlook data, among other things. It is recommend that if you want to keep this data folder, you drag it to a safe location such as the Desktop or archive it to a cloud folder.

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We hope that Microsoft includes some kind of ability in Office for Mac that will allow you to uninstall or upgrade from the previous installation. Right now however, to completely remove Office , this is your best, albeit annoying, course of action.

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