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How To Animate Your Photo

As noted, Apple has been generous in sharing its Portrait-mode capabilities with developers of third-party photo apps. And these capabilities continue to evolve. With iOS 12, Apple is refining how pictures of people that is, portrait photos look by making software-generated effects more accurate and realistic. Halide blog posts and a SlashGear post delve into PEM as well, giving more of a sense of how it can be used.

Motion Portrait Glasses Virtual Try On by MotionPortrait, Inc.

And the SlashGear post notes that PEM could enable green-screening—the capability to replace a background wholesale. So keep an eye out for new Portrait mode—related effects and capabilities in iPhone photo apps. It is not the actual out of focus effect when you have a shallow depth of field it is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced. Similarly, Wikipedia says:. However, Merriam-Webster defines bokeh as:. And American Heritage defines it as:. These last two are pretty clearly defining bokeh more the way Julio used it, rather than as a measure of the aesthetic quality of the blurriness.

So it may be that bokeh started out as a more strictly used word in the way you suggest but has subsequently become more loosely associated with the overall effect. Photo by Julio Ojeda-Zapata. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. When Facebook 3D Photos go very, very wrong. Sorry about that, Debbie and Chris. Playing with Facebook 3D Photos.

Perfect Loop: The Official Cinemagraph Blog

Email Address. Again, Fore Photo is a basic and bare-bones app that lets you instantly apply depth effects without fuss.

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If you want more tools, then other apps are better suited for the job. For those who want a smart app for achieving depth effects in their images without costing too much, AfterFocus is a good contender. Users can snap new photos directly with AfterFocus, or import from the Photo Library. A neat feature in AfterFocus is the Double Take option, where you can take two photos.

Then you move the camera about one centimeter to the right, and then snap the picture again. Double Take analyzes the image and should recognize the nearest object, eliminating the need to draw a focus area.

Adjust the duration of an audio clip

Another nifty tool with AfterFocus is the smart focus area selection. With this, all you need to do is draw a line inside the focus area white , and then another in the background black. AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area and does its magic. You can still do things the manual way, by finger painting your subject area. Like the other apps, the amount of blur can be adjusted through a slider. AfterFocus even has motion blur to help emphasize moving backgrounds. There are a handful of different aperture styles to go along with the blur, and you can add bokeh too.


If you prefer to add filters to your photos to share on social media, AfterFocus includes a nice selection, including professional ones like Cross Process. Some effects, like vignetting and stickers, also come in AfterFocus. Otherwise, another app may be a better choice. Here's how to adapt to Apple's new way of doing things.

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Read More , but want to get even better depth-of-field images, then Focos is worth checking out. With Focos, users can snap photos directly within the app.

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The camera in Focos is substantially better than the standard camera, as the depth effect is rendered live, so you get a preview of what you shoot. You could also import an image into Focos, but the app limits you only to depth effect photos on your device. Focos allows refocusing after you took the photo, and all you have to do is tap on the point of focus you want. Just tap again. Focos has a wide selection of aperture shapes and diaphragms, in case you want to go after the bokeh effect. There are also lenses that affect the aesthetics of the bokeh, and can even apply cool effects like fisheye and wide angle views, depending on the image.

There are a few negatives about Focos, though. The first caveat is the fact that the app only works on devices that already have Portrait Mode, but it greatly enhances them. The second flaw is how most of the features are locked behind the Pro Version of Focos, which is on a subscription-based model. But with apps that replicate depth effects on older devices, or even enhance existing Portrait Mode devices , portrait shots from iPhones are giving DSLRs a run for their money.

We may not have Portrait Mode on the iPhone 6 or even older devices , but we can certainly get close.

How to install MotionPortrait app (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Try them out and take even better photos. Read More. Explore more about: iPhoneography , Smartphone Photography. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Unlock the free "iPhone and iPad Shortcuts" cheat sheet now!

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