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On Mac OS X, when nothing is selected and no windows are open, open User directory cmd-opt-up arrow Open parent folder, closing current folder cmd-opt-shift-up arrow Make desktop the active window, select parent volume cmd-down arrow Open selected item.

On Macs with three floppy drives Mac SE they eject the third floppy disk. If the device can be dismounted, it is. If not, nothing happens.

How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra USB Install drive

In other dialogs Key Action esc Cancel command-. On keyboards with a function key Key Combination Effect fn-backspace forward delete fn-left arrow home fn-right arrow end fn-up arrow page up fn-down arrow page down Back to Contents. Control Strip opt-drag control strip Move control strip opt-drag CS module within strip reorders CS modules opt-drag CS module to trash uninstalls a module opt-drag CS module elsewhere whatever dragging the module file itself would Back to Contents.

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Buy me goodies! Bypass startup drive and boot from external or CD. OS X, Also disables non-essential kernel extensions safe boot mode. Mac OS X Do not launch startup items.

Magical Macintosh Key Sequences

If you rely on this frequently, you may want to redefine the default key for selecting the Location Manager location at startup from Control to something else. Open Firmware is a cross-platform firmware standard for controlling hardware that all PCI-based Macs use. It's mostly of interest to hardware developers, but it can be a fun way to freak out a new user who's not expecting to see a command line on the Mac.

To exit Open Firmware and continue booting, type "mac-boot" or "bye" depending on Macintosh model and press Return. Although Apple has moved away from relatively frivolous "Easter Eggs" connected with startup modifiers, there are a few available for old Macintosh models. Bypass startup drive and boot from external or CD. Disable Extensions.

MacFixer Vintage Software Library

Close finder windows. Boot with Virtual Memory off. Trigger extension manager at boot-up. Eject Boot Floppy.

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ARCHIVED: In Mac OS 9.x and earlier, how do I install Macintosh system software?

I have an anicent PowerMac As some of you may know its about as pickey as you can get! I refuses to boot from the MacOS 9. It boots fine from a 7. I also cannot install 9. The only way I can see this being done now is to make a 9. How would I create one of these?

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Thanks in advance. Are you using an actual Mac OS 9. If so, those might not work.

You would need the retail version. I've also heard it mentioned that Mac OS 9. Plus, 8. Its a full version and not a bundle copy.