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It obviously incorporates the most common options in this kind of tool:. Over million users from all over the world are using it every day. Will you be the next person to start using this chat present in over 80 countries? The app has been designed to remove language barriers when you send messages Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:.

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Requires a free registry here. Antony Peel. Software languages. Author Tencent. Updated Over a year ago.

QQ for Mac

Last revision This year. Over one billion people have successfully created accounts on the QQ Messenger platform, and those connections allow millions of people to interact with each other every day.

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This app isn't really that much different from similar IM platforms. It contains an archive of your contacts that can be organized in a number of ways, and it supports file sharing, video chats, nudges, emoticons, and more. Perhaps the greatest thing about this free piece of software is that it contains a very limited number of ads. While QQ Messenger holds many of the standard IM features, it also includes functionality that you won't find in many other IM clients.

You can use the software to take a screenshot of the entire screen or a small portion of it, and you can capture video clips of activity on your screen.

Opinions about QQ

This content can then be shared with members of your contacts list right away. You can also customize the app with a number of personal features. Message fonts can be changed, new UI skins can be used, and you can choose an avatar from the included selection or from your own collection of images. The software claims to offer more themes that can be downloaded, but it doesn't seem as if the themes are available. Since the app has an integrated Remote Access tool, you can use it to walk your customers, friends, or family through computer issues, or you could gain full control of the system and make the changes yourself.

When most first-timers try QQ Messenger, they are initially surprised by the pleasantly organized UI. It also has some interesting bonus tools that transform the app into a fully comprehensive communication platform. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the software is how few users it has in America considering the popularity of the platform across the entire world. Unfortunately, QQ Messenger doesn't make it easy to add new contacts. Also, contacts are organized and labeled by number. This isn't particularly user friendly, especially if you have many contacts that must be searched through to find specific numbers.

QQ Messenger - Free Download

However, these downsides aren't enough to bring QQ Messenger down significantly, so it's certainly worth a try for those in the market for a new IM client. QQ Messenger is an instant messaging client that may not have caught on just yet in the United States, but it's the most popular option for instant messaging in China.

With millions of registered users, this program must be doing something right to draw in so many fans. It has video and voice chat options, smileys, photo and file sharing, and easy-to-organize contacts lists.

QQ浏览器 Lite for Mac

The group chat options in particular are excellent, so you can chat with several friends at once. There are endless customization options, from your message font to your personal avatar to the client's interface skin. You can also easily share a screen shot or record a video clip to share instantly, much like SnapChat. The MyApps feature is where a lot of this customization comes from, as you can search a seemingly endless selection of applications to let you communicate in new fun ways.

You can also play games and watch videos on some of these apps.

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